24 March 2019

Mangrovines is a lyrical neologism popularized by the senegalese poet Racine Senghor to refer to the inhabitants of the deltas of Saloum, Gambia and Casamance in West Africa. Based on the underwater roots of the mangroves, natural elements that are determinant in these fluvial regions, Senghor creates in his poetics, a metaphor of what is rooted around maritime trades and their values โ€‹โ€‹of generational transmission.

I rely on the Mangrovines terminology to create a conglomerate of projects that reflect, in a fragmented way, on capitalist logic and its consequences in the FAO 34 (East Central Atlantic) zones. I am interested in creating different narratives through non-evidential photographs, documentary videos and inaccurate maps, around the same microcosm, where the local and the global are confronted. A whole dynamic of flows that inhabit the ocean comes into play, involving shocks, tensions, hybridisations, displacements, not only of people, but of cultures, traditions, ways of doing, ways of being, ways of looking .